Artificial Girl 2

We are officially proud to present the worldwide release of Articial Girl 2 - the most incredibly interactive 3D hentai game ever created for the pc. AG2 has proven itself to be a truly unique and realistic relationship simulation, where the primary focus is to create your own virtual 3D girlfriend and sexually stimulate her in every way you can possibly imagine.

The girl you create will follow you around, and interact with you in a variety of ways. You can take showers and baths with her, play with her, have romantic entourages with her, and much much more! If you are successful in treating her well and making her happy, she will even go out of her way to please you through incredibly satisfying methods!

Artificial Girl 2 allows you to create your dream girl and customize her any way you choose.

We have the uncensored and nude patch for your enjoyment.

You have a full island full of typical hentai locations to screw your artificial girl in, beach, forest, classroom, track field, church, dungeon, laboratory, bathroom, hot spring, and much much more!

Imitate your favorite video game or anime characters then fuck them!
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